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  • Skype sessions are conducted with the parent(s) or caregiver(s).
  • Baby Says More™ will inform you if the baby should be present for a Skype session throughout all or part of the session duration. The baby’s presence would be requested in order to observe and instruct parents or caregivers to sign with their babies within the allotted session time.
  • You must complete a short questionnaire regarding your baby prior to the first Skype session, which you will be directed to upon purchasing your Skype Baby Sign Package.
  • Purchase a Skype Baby Sign package of 1, or 5 sessions. Contact info@babysaysmore.com for advice on package size based on your personal interests and/or needs.
  • Book 1 or more sessions on the “Appointments” page, but be sure to allot a minimum of one weeks time in between sessions, as you want to give both yourself and your baby time to make signing part of your daily routine.
  • Upon completing each session, you will be sent a link to allow you access the “Appointments” page to book/change future sessions; that is, if and only if you purchased a 5-pack.


[trx_title type=”2″]Guidelines:[/trx_title]

  • Sessions cannot be booked less than 48 hours in advance.
  • You will not be able to access the “Appointments” page directly from the site, but rather you can change/cancel an appointment by accessing the link in your booked session confirmation email.
  • Note that there is a strict 24-hour cancellation policy and any session changed/canceled within 24 hours from the scheduled session start time will incur the cost of the initial booked session, as well as that of the rescheduled session.
  • You must be sure to have a Skype account. Download Skype here.
  • You must add Baby Says More™ on Skype (BabySaysMore) a minimum of 48 hours before your scheduled session to ensure that any problems that might arise are resolved before the scheduled session time.  If not, any session time taken to get in contact on Skype will be counted against your 30 minute allotted session time window.
  • Any attempts to contact Baby Says More™ via video or voice calling outside of your session window will be disregarded. However, you are welcome to send Baby Says More™ a written message via email at info@babysaysmore.com at any time.
  • If any of the above instructions is unclear, contact info@babysaysmore.com for further clarification.

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