Why does your baby throw temper tantrums?

Likely as a result of the frustration that he/she feels due to the gap between his/her desire to communicate and ability to do so. That is why baby sign is such an amazing communicative tool!!! It closes this gap entirely for your little one by giving him/her a “voice”…

What are some things that your baby would tell you if he/she could?

That he/she is:

  • Tired,
  • Hungry,
  • Bored,
  • Overstimulated, or
  • Uncomfortable, to name a few.

During the first year of life, your baby really doesn’t have a means of communicating with you other than crying. As your baby becomes more worked up while you guess what it is that he/she is attempting to communicate to you through tears to no avail, he/she can become more difficult to console.

Prelinguistic development occurs during the first 10-12 months of life and is characterized by reflexive sounds (i.e. crying, burping, coughing and sneezing), cooing, vocal play and babbling, which are all essentially tools for exercising the articulators. Babies don’t have the fine motor skills in their articulators, such as moving their vocal folds 420 times per second, which they need to produce spoken language.

They do, however, have the gross motor skills and hand eye coordination to move their hands, or produce baby sign. Infants can learn simple signs for common words such as MOM, DAD, EAT, SLEEP, DRINK, MORE, MILK and PLAY before they are able to produce understandable speech.

This ability to communicate via baby sign relieves the baby’s frustration, and consequently the parent’s frustration, thus resulting in a closer parent/child bond.

For more information, please refer to:

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