Jasmina, Serbia

“I was a nanny for two adorable twin girls when I was introduced to wonderful Michelle and her program. A year ago, Michelle began working with Perri and Edyn on sign when they where 6 months old. Michelle would have Skype sessions with us.  The girls and I loved watching and learning from her. They started quickly to pick up first signs and all I can say: Made the day easier and much more fun.

MORE sign became the helper with food, toys and music. And also PLEASE sign was accepted as a part of every day routine. The girls were communicating not just with me, also with their parents, older sibling and grandparents. It was a family affair and everyone enjoyed it.

They also loved the way she would introduce new sign every time and made us all realize that kids, even at that 9/10 months, are so eager to learn.

Michelle is a wonderful teacher and person. I love her approach to teaching babies and adults and making us realize how important it is to communicate with children from an early age. It took a lot of frustration and crying from them and adults, because now they could be understood and we could meet their needs. It was a great eye opener for me and I can say I have learned so much more about children’s psychology from this as well.

Michelle, you know that meeting with us every time made the girls’ day so much fun.

May 11, 2017

Kate, Colorado

Signing provided us the ability to communicate with our son very early on in his development.  You could see his excitement the moment he knew that we understood him. Watching your child learn and develop is one of the most thrilling parts of being a parent and knowing that his needs are met is incredibly comforting.  The signs he would use most often were moreall done, and milk.  Knowing that he had enough to eat was a relief as I often worried if he had enough milk, especially while I was nursing him.

Another incredible part of teaching my child to sign is the impact it had on his verbal skills.  Signing combined with verbal communication contributed to his early ability to speak because he more easily associated the sound with the response.  Signing has been fun for the whole family. It has been stimulating for my son and has provided my husband and I with an exciting and rewarding direction through what can be challenging moments.

Today, our 2 year old son speaks beautifully and still throws in a sign every now and then.  Thank you Baby Says More™ for giving us the tools to communicate and more deeply connect with our little one.

October 23, 2017

Carrie, New York

“Sadie is my first child and six years ago Michelle began working on baby sign with her (and me).   I had absolutely no experience with baby sign and at first it almost seemed silly to me. Michelle would have me repeat words and signs to Sadie every time she ate or wanted something.  My skepticism was fleeting; once Sadie turned six or seven months old she was starting to communicate her desires in simple signs such as MORE.  By ten months old Sadie could express more intricate feelings such as “music, please.”  Michelle not only taught Sadie how to sign for basic everyday needs – food, water, milk, play, music, dance – but she also went as far as to teach her how to be polite.  People would tell me that baby sign is going to stunt Sadie’s ability to speak. This could not be farther from the truth. Sadie was one of the first talkers amongst her playgroup and constantly awed her pediatrician with her advanced vocabulary.

Michelle is a gifted teacher; children adore her. Michelle is a lot of fun and extremely warm while at the same time she is firm with them. They do not receive their reward without putting in some work. That being said, I could not get over how easy Michelle’s techniques were to implement on my own. Every time she met with us she would expand on what we already learned.  It was very exciting because with each visit I knew I was going to receive more and more insight into my baby’s mind.  I do not have words to express how invaluable that experience was. Plus, it alleviated so much of Sadie’s frustration because I always knew what she wanted; she had a method to tell me!”

November 13, 2017

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