funny baby with glasses reading a book

Oral Language: the secret to developing Reading & Writing


Reading books with your child will help to enhance his or her vocabulary knowledge by connecting words with both their spoken and written counterparts.  Not only does reading together promote pre-literacy skills, i.e. page orientation and print awareness, but hearing the book read aloud helps expand your child’s topic specific vocabulary.


In fact, if you look at language development as a pyramid, spoken language development supports written language development, which in turn determines academic achievement.


It is never too early to start supporting your child’s academic success.

Remember the concept of symbolism, or the relationship between a word and its referent. Symbolism can be introduced to your baby even earlier by introducing Baby Signs as symbols for specific referents that will eventually be replaced by spoken words and, ultimately, expand to include written words.


Oral language is the most effective tool for learning, as well as a precursor skill for academic growth. Support oral language by introducing functional communication concepts early with the help of Baby Says More™.

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