What You Should Know About Communicating With Your Baby

You CAN communicate with your baby and with the help of Baby Says More™ Grow n’ Tell, you WILL!

Your baby cries to communicate he/her wants and needs.  Crying is a natural method of basic communication…but it’s certainly not the only one.

Forget trying to differentiate your baby’s cries,
as you’re not getting to the root of the problem…
the anxiety that crying provokes in both you and your baby!
Anxiety is a natural, physiological response to crying,
as well as the cause of your baby’s tears.

Your baby is FRUSTRATED!

Did you know…

You can replace your baby’s communicative behavior of crying with signing.

You can effectively communicate with your baby using basic gestures and signs.

Baby sign is easy to learn and even easier to teach.

Teaching your baby to sign will minimize frustration for both you and your baby.

Baby Sign Language is a form of basic gestural, or visual, communication that can be taught to a baby before the onset of spoken language.  Verbal language takes time to develop along with the anatomical and physiological development of the articulators, but that does not mean that babies don’t have the cognitive capacity and gross motor skills to communicate via other modalities.

Baby Signing gives parents insight into their little one’s mind and replaces the behavior of crying… That’s right, Baby Sign replaces crying!!!

Now imagine yourself knowing EXACTLY what your baby wants WHEREVER and WHENEVER…  You don’t need super powers to be a SUPER PARENT.  It doesn’t actually take a miracle to have a happy baby, to make your day-to-day life feel like a walk in the park.  Put an end to your constant fear of the unknown by teaching your baby to make his/her wants and needs known!

What’s better than a happy baby?

Why does Baby Says More™ Grow n’ Tell work so well?

It’s based on techniques used by Speech and Language Pathologists worldwide.

It’s founded on a wealth of research that has proven the method to be efficacious.

The founder of Baby Says More™ is a certified Speech and Language Pathologist and teacher, and has a wide knowledge base regarding language development (both typical and disordered).

The premise of the course is to give parents the tools to teach their babies, as parents are the most important educators.

The 4 Module Course Includes:

Why to teach your baby to sign? An explanation of cognitive, language and motor development that indicates the usefulness of teaching your baby to sign before the onset of spoken language.

The “ROUTINE” of baby sign. How to integrate communication into yours and your baby’s daily routines.

Tools to teach your baby sign language. You’ve seen babies sign before on the Internet…but how did they learn to do it? Learn how to teach the new skill of baby sign, and then support that skill as it develops with your baby.

Expand your baby’s sign repertoire and syntax. Teach your baby to combine known signs to create short phrases that include different parts of speech. Even start teaching your baby manners and conversational turn taking.

In the format of:

  • written information
  • audio/video presentations
  • around the clock support from Grow n’ Tell closed Facebook group for parents to direct questions to each other and Baby Says More’s Baby Signing expert

But wait!!!  That’s not at all!

Baby Says More Grow n’ Tell comes with 75 video demonstrations of signs borrowed from American Sign Language (ASL).

For those parents who would rather borrow signs from other deaf sign languages, the course also includes guidance on how to access free online resources describing deaf sign languages spoken around the world.

for  Only $99.00!

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