Mommy, I Want To Talk To You Now!

Did you know that babies are able to sign before they are anatomically and physiologically ready to speak? Your baby can tell you EXACTLY what he/she wants or needs! Stop playing guessing games with your crying baby and start “talking” today using our easy, proven system.

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Grow n’ Tell

The Baby Says More™ Grow n’ Tell program is a 5 part course that is comprehensive, incredibly effective and available for you to learn in the comfort of your own home.

Developed by a Top Speech and Language Pathologist

Specialist in augmentative and alternative communication strategies
Bilingual in English and Spanish
ASHA certificate of clinical competence, among other certifications

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Do you have a general question about the history of baby sign language, its implementation or how it constantly proves to be an effective tool for parents?

How Does Your Baby Say “MORE”?

Your baby’s inability to express him/herself creates anxiety for both child and parents.  Crying is in fact your baby’s way of communicating with you.  By substituting signing for crying, your baby will naturally feel less distress, as will you.  Baby signing allows babies as young as 6 months to communicate their wants and needs without shedding a single tear!

You’re baby can learn to communicate that he/she is:

Hungry  Wants more  All done  Tired
Too cold or too hot  And so much more!

You don’t need to feel frustrated when you aren’t sure exactly what your sobbing baby wants!  Even in the wee hours of the night!

Bond With Your Baby by Replacing Crying With Signing

Sign language for babies reduces frustration resulting in a closer parent-child bond.  By empowering your baby with communication, you also empower yourself with knowing what your baby wants.  Don’t waste another minute trying to decipher your baby’s cries when you can be making unforgettable memories instead!  Teach your baby to sign “MOMMY” or “DADDY” and you’ll really make the other parents jealous!

Give Your Baby a Head Start

Baby sign is easy and fun to learn all the while enhancing overall language development and later academic performance.  Signing with your baby incites spoken language, which is the foundation for written language and, consequently, academics.  Research demonstrates the following developmental advantages:

  • Earlier onset of spoken language,
  • Larger vocabulary size,
  • Enhanced verbal development,
  • And even a 12 point IQ advantage, which was demonstrated by an NIH follow-up study of one hundred 8 year-old children who had been taught to sign as babies.

Navigate the Bi/Multilingual Silent Period

Often children in bilingual or multilingual households appear to have a delay in one or each of their languages when looked at individually, or perhaps experience a perceived regression of skills or a period of silence. Not only is this typical, but justifiable. Remember, your child’s language repertoire equals the sum of its parts and your child has the gift of multiple “parts”! Nonetheless, while your child develops multiple languages, you can use baby signs to facilitate his/her expressive language so that he/she can stay focused on organizing the different input from each language without the frustration of not being understood by others.

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